Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Ebay - "Silent Night" One of a kind miniature baby boy by Morena Ciambra

So, I was working in the studio and "Silent Night" was playing in the background. Well, this is what happened....lol! Enjoy!
He is made without the use of a mold. No two babies are alike. This Baby  is just  2 1/4 inches tall in a curled up pose.  He is a bit larger than my usual miniatures and is a full sculpt. He was created with Prosculpt Professional clay. This tiny boy is so nice to hold in your hand.  I have painted his features and his hair with heat set oils paints in many layers to give him a life like appearance.  His lips and tiny nose have been glazed for a wet look. He is wearing a one of a kind Blue and white crocheted thread cap .   His soft white cotton diaper with a vintage lace sweater.  He comes with a matching blanket

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