Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Little soft body baby fairy in a tea cup just listed on Ebay!!

Well...this one of a kind mini soft body baby got into my china cabinet and decided that she wanted to be a fairy. So here she is...her name is Little Dewdrop. Yes, she is the first of these babies that I have was her idea. Sometimes these things are out of my control so I have to go where they take me.
Little Dewdrop is made without the use of a mold. No two soft body babies are alike. She is just two and a half inches tall and made using Prosculpt clay. Her body is soft pink knit fabric with tiny beads that not only make her soft but give her weight She is so nice to hold in your hand. Her arms and legs are movable and her head flops a bit like a tiny baby. This little girls features have been hand painted with many layers of heat set oil paints that give her a lifelike appearance. Her hair is soft light auburn blond viscose fiber. She wears a pink organza rose and ice blue silk ribbons in her tiny bun. Little Dewdrop is dressed in a pink and glitter tutu. Her ruffled collar is an assortment of matching silk and organza ribbons. She wears a tiny white diaper that is also adorned with silk bows. She loves her glitter and gold wired wings with tiny dewdrops on their curly tips. Tiny Dewdrops sits in this lovely vintage porcelain tea cup. It is beautifuly decorated and I have lined it with cream colored satin fabric, a vintage crocheted napkin completes this setting. I really love creating these tiny creatures.

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