Saturday, October 29, 2011

WIP 8" Soft body babies & Free miniature baby online class

We have a large snow storm moving into New England. The wind is howling outside. BRRRR!!!
I wanted to share some of the little ones that I'm working on.
I'll be teaching free lesson on making a miniature baby for beginners, Little Baby Bundle next Saturday. Just sign up on CDHM  
It's free to join. Hope to see you there.

Stay warm,
Enjoy !

Friday, October 21, 2011

Ebay 10/20/11 OOAK 8" SOFT BODY Polymer BABY Girl Doll with Crocheted Outfit

I've been making larger Soft Body Babies and am enjoying every minute. I wanted to share this sweet little girl with a thread crocheted outfit which has been decorated with silk ribbon bows and rose buds. This baby has been sculpted with Prosculpt Clay. Her sky blue eyes have been highly glazed to give them depth. I use only heat set oil paints on my babies because I am able to add many layers of paint that when baked set into the clay. She is so nice to hold because she has been weighted. Hope you enjoy seeing her.
Hugs to all,

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Soft Body Witchy Windy, kiTn and pumpkin Ebay 10/10

This little one is just 8 inches tall. She is the largest of my Soft Body Babies. I'm just taking a little break from working with the magnifiers. I really enjoyed making this sweet Witchy Windy and her little kiTn and pumpkin. I have listed this set on Ebay. You can read a full description on my auction listing.  Click on the link on the top right side of this page. Enjoy! Hugs, Morena

Several people have asked for a description of my work so here it is.
Her name is Windy and she has the palest skin and she has been painted with many layers of heat set oil paints. They give her a life like appearance. She is made without the use of a mold as are all of my Soft Body Babies. I have mixed several types of polymer clays with a base of prosculpt to give this little one a translucent skin color almost a waxy appearance.  Her body is soft pink knit and been lightly weighted. Her hair is fine mohair wool which I have dyed baby blond. She has beautiful large hand blown blue/grey eyes.  I do not use clothing patterns and many of my materials are vintage so the babies wear one of a kind outfit too.  This sweet one is wearing a vintage white cotton dress with handmade lace trim. I found this piece of fabric during my travels through the mountains of New England.  It was a beautiful ruffle of an old dress.  I was thrilled to have enough for this set. Her tiny dress has been decorated with  Halloween green heart shaped button beads.  I have crocheted a pretty navy and orange sweater and matching bonnet using the finest threads. It will keep her warm on those cold October nights.They are decorated with little silk ribbon rose buds and bows. Windy’s furry friend kiTin was created just for her. He is plush fiber and has green bead eyes, thread embroidered details and silk ribbon accents. So… then came this wonderful piece of soft worn muslin and a pumpkin appeared….lol! It didn’t just appear it took many hours of work to transform it…lol! A little handmade thread crocheted and green colored doily was added for the leaves and now she has a little something to curl up on. Oh, we must not forget a tiny matching pillowcase for those Trick or Treat goodies! It will arrive filled with little surprises. All of my work comes with a signed certificate of authenticity.