Wednesday, November 24, 2010

We give Thanks!

I've enjoyed visiting your blogs over the past few months.  Feels like being home.
I give Thanks to all of you that have come to visit us. I hope that we have brought you joy and a smile.
Enjoy your Thanksgiving feast with your loved ones.
See you next week!
XXX to all
Morena and the little ones.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Little crocheted wool blankets.

I have a limited number of these tiny hand crocheted wool blankets for sale. They are $10 each and no two are alike. If you let me know ahead of time they can be added to your Ebay Soft Body Baby order without an additonal shipping charge. They are perfect for babies under 4" or just to decorate a mini nursury. Enjoy!

November 9 Ebay Soft Body Baby Girl - Enjoy!

November 9 Ebay Soft Body Baby Girl with pigtails!

I found two little girls in the clay this week. Hope to have a little boy for you next week. Enjoy! xxx