Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Ebay 9/7/11 Little girl with pigtails Soft Body Baby

This little Soft Body baby girl has the sweetest pigtails. They just wouldn't stay down so they stick straight out...lol! I had some of this beautiful powder blue thread and used it to crochet her jacket. A dear friend sent me some wonderful soft cotton lace which I used for her collar. Just a perfect touch. I added silk ribbons and tiny thread rosebuds. I've been painting miniature metal toys for the babies. This little one comes with a tiny carriage. Enjoy! Morena


  1. The baby is a dream! Very sweet!

  2. So glad that you stopped by Eliana! Thank you for your kind comments. Hugs, Morena

  3. love your creations!!! I invited you to participate in my little plants giveaway,miniregards.