Tuesday, January 24, 2012

WIP Reborn Baby Doll - a tiny head

It's taken two days to prepare the head and paint and root to this point. I have opened the nostrils and the mouth using small blades and electric bit sander. Then came the many layers of paint making sure that I added hundreds of tiny veins. There are little white milk spots on the nose and on the cheeks. I've baked this head five times and will use a heat gun to add more details as I go along. You can see that I was also able to start rooting the eyelashes with natural mohair in a honey blond color. This has taken some time with a tiny felting needle. One hair at a time. I have started rooting the hair on this little one's head but it seems that it will take a couple of days to complete. 
I've been thinking about how to use this process with polymer clay. I have this urge to get my hands in some clay right now but, I'll have to wait and complete this before starting something new.  This process is similar to working with china paints on porcelain except that the vinyl absorbs the paint and the light giving it a more realistic skin effect.
Hugs, Morena

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